Business Marketing

25 November 2013
14:00 GMT Daylight Time
Seminar Hall

Business Marketing

Simon Cripps - Business Marketing Expert

Online Marketing

With over 20 years of working in IT Simon will share his vast expertise on marketing your business online.

From Websites, inbound search engine optimisation to pay per click advertising and mailing campaigns, Simon will take you on a whistle stop tour of the key factors you will need to consider when marketing your business online.

This is all with one eye on the real world, as we must not forget that marketing these day in not just about tweets, blogs and followers but how to link the online world to the real world and real sales.

Come armed with questions about how to most effectively market your business and join in the discussion at the end of the seminar to resolve your marketing issues.

About Simon Cripps

Simon has been working in IT for well over 20 years. Initially developing sport and fitness related software programs alongside a brief career as a personal training the the stars. However, Simon realised that it was easier to press a keyboard than do a press up. So developing and managing many multi million pound projects within the banking and insurance markets Simon concentrated on what he does best. Managing sales and marketing projects such as the world's first online life insurance project and delivering online products for major high street brands, Simon has a wide range of experience in this area.

Setting up Acvita Limited in 2009 which includes many price comparison websites as well as Smart Cow Marketing, Simon has built up one of the leading Online Marking and Sales businesses in South London.

Simon still has the occasional run out on the rugby pitch for Purley John Fisher Vets and spends as much time with his family, friends and and the odd glass of wine.