Business Sales Training

25 June 2013
15:00 GMT Daylight Time
Seminar Hall

Business Sales Training

Tammy- Business training Expert

Business Sales Training workshop

Newleafes is running a fun interactive workshop to help you improve your ‘sales’ techniques. Selling is not something that we all do naturally or successfully, particularly in this current economic climate and when competition is high.

Perhaps you might like to increase your customer base and your sales by making a better impact in your marketing and selling techniques – we will show you how you can improve your networking skills, convert more prospects into clients and have your current client base sell for you. 
Find out the 7 Steps to Mastering Influence and use these techniques in your business straight away.

About Tammy McCann

Ten years in Pharmaceutical and B2B market research has provided me with experience of understanding business psychology, attitudes and behaviours of consumers and marketing/sales requirements of businesses. Subsequent work in the field of Psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and NLP has equipped me to develop and teach highly up-to-date tools, techniques and technologies for changing your business mindset and for selling that are powerful and practical for you to utilise as soon as you leave the training room. Come and transform your business into a truly profitable one..